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30 August 2014 By In My blog

For the dinosaurs, it was a calm day without any visible signs that dramatic events were going to happen that would lead to the end of their existence. Since they have been living for at least 150 million years on Earth, the entire world was theirs. There were no human beings therefore there were no computers, WiFi, Twitter, Facebook, satellites, or any known type of communications that would have shown them ahead of time what the future events will be.

21 August 2014 By In My blog

Understanding the changes in brain’s structure as a result of learning and adaptation is pivotal because it will provide us with an understanding about the characteristic flexibility of our brain to adapt, and how we can live with a healthier “brain” for longer time.

Learning alters the brain, but how can we proof its positive change? Also, the brain stores energy, but is learning increasing the amount of energy or what kind of improvements will happen? What will happen after we will learn something new? Learning of abstract information will also induce morphological changes in cortical structures.

19 July 2014 By In My blog

Previously, we discussed the behavioral characteristics that are expected from leaders in the 21st Century. Leadership strategic planning in a company or organization involves setting goals, determining actions to achieve the goals, and mobilizing resources to execute those actions.

19 July 2014 By In My blog

We enjoyed when the Smartphone appeared in our lives, although we still have some challenges with "touch" functions. From the common phones to tablets, information started to be delivered in real time wherever we are, and at any time of day or night.

Carried with us, and stored in several chips, we have our whole personal information including friends and email accounts. Now, we have even larger data warehouses in the Cloud. eLearning is also known as distance learning because it is outside of the classroom. When the device becomes mobile, whether it is PDA, Netbook, Notebook, Tablet, MP3 player, eBook Reader or Smartphone, we start to see and experience those differences on mLearning because of the way the information is delivered. We will leave the notebook, because this mobile device is a bridge between the Desktop eLearning and mobile learning.

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