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25 January 2015 By In My blog

When I talk about learning and achieving, I often use examples related to children’s life because they represent our future. Today, I am inspired by competitive swimmers. If you have a child involved in competitive swimming, you also have a chart that monitors their performances.

14 January 2015 By In My blog

My feel of anger when watching the tragic events that happened in Paris, France when Charlie and his team were killed, have changed back to balanced and critical thinking. Since there are major changes required from a Change Management system approach, we should start to work on positive plans. Companies, organizations including Governments spent billions of dollars on programs in education that are meant to transform people and yet all these programs have failed.

28 December 2014 By In My blog

If we consider that over 90% of the entire globe is in some sort of the game play, what are the chances to foresee what will happen in the future? Let’s see the few criteria that differentiate the cooperative versus uncooperative gaming theories.

13 December 2014 By In My blog

Surprisingly, literature provides us with enough examples on assessing the cultural differences about the main characters behavior when confronted and in similar situations. The situations can be either real or imaginary, but it is interesting from a cultural change perspective, how writers and arts described in general the events.

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