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13 December 2014 By In My blog

Surprisingly, literature provides us with enough examples on assessing the cultural differences about the main characters behavior when confronted and in similar situations. The situations can be either real or imaginary, but it is interesting from a cultural change perspective, how writers and arts described in general the events.

08 December 2014 By In My blog

“All things come into being by conflict of opposites, and the sum of things (τὰ ὅλα ta hola, "the whole") flows like a stream.” …and “I am a citizen of the world (cosmopolites)". [1]

02 December 2014 By In My blog

Looking for the word “spectrum” in Wikipedia, I came across the “spectral evidence’s” definition, a form of evidence based upon dreams and visions. This article is not about witches, but rather about the spectrum of thinking although I will use this example to proof my point that in time all systems move towards positive understanding because there is collaboration across all systems.

23 November 2014 By In My blog

“Gaining these knowledge is beyond our human comprehension because we would not know what to do with the knowledge”….”Lucy” is exposed to a powerful synthetic drug that makes her brain to grow exponentially leading her cells to connect to the entire system that goes beyond human mind.

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