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At molecular level within any organism there are normal changes for life support. The flow of nutrients as well as body’s reaction to those nutrients has engaged flawlessly to properly support the life and wellbeing of any being. If we do not consider the past, but only the present state of an organism since the past had inputs that might be impossible to determine, then Markov chain at molecular level (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Continuous-time_Markov_chain_) is nothing more than a state to state process that depends on time, space and energy.

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The last law that I consider as primordial therefore was left at the end, is representing also BITSPEC’s holistic approach to education in general and business processes in particular, as the Law of Entropy. I will try to work from a balanced structure approach on how our mind/brain and organic matter have self-development as matter to the outside exposure.

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Change Management- Embracing the Changes (Lesson 3, Article 4)


This last article  "Embracing the Changes" is dedicated to Vittorio Palladino, CTO and Business Development, who helped me  to build the web site from a conceptual design that has as title  "The Tree of Life". Our journey lasted for two years and it is our visual representation on how two people who did not know each other, met in this large space and had the passion to join a common cause which was to build a supportive system for education. I would like to thank him for all of his excellent efforts and great spirit.

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It might come as a surprise, but an evolutionary process in change management is the result of subjective ontology. I will not consider objective ontology and their impact on processes as part of an evolutionary process because economics tried very hard to become part of natural science as genetics, chemistry, biology, physics, yet it is the result of the subjective ontology that is causing these large discrepancies between populations. If we really want to work towards closing those gaps, a deeper insight is required into how feelings and emotions are formed, and their impact at brain and mind levels.

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