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23 November 2014 By In My blog

“Gaining these knowledge is beyond our human comprehension because we would not know what to do with the knowledge”….”Lucy” is exposed to a powerful synthetic drug that makes her brain to grow exponentially leading her cells to connect to the entire system that goes beyond human mind.

19 November 2014 By In My blog

The art of completion is the art of quality and while sometimes might seems that we abandon the quality, there is only a temporary interruption. As we all know, the genetic code was cracked since 1927, but it took us until 2003 to sequence 99.99 % of the genome code. [1] [2]

04 November 2014 By In My blog

I could not resist the temptation to write some thoughts about a parallel that came to my mind when reading about enzymes. Enzyme has two characteristics that are specifically as binding to the ligands called substrates which are able to covalently modify them, and the second is to catalyze the formation and breaking of covalent bonds by stabilizing intermediate states of the substrates that need to go through when they are converted to a product. Imagine that a business is nothing more than an “enzyme”.

29 September 2014 By In My blog

Through our lives we impact everything and everybody and although many of us do not know whether what we do now or in the future will have a positive or negative impact, the “real” world reminds us of who we are because we live in a “function” type of world. What is a function and how do we all fit in this “function” world? If we take the mathematical function definition: “a function (math) is a relation between a set of inputs and a set of permissible outputs with the property that each input is related to exactly one output”, it is very close to “cause and effect” in a known environment because for each outcome there is an input that will have a certain weight in the function that is in the “box” and under process.

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