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19 July 2014 By In My blog

Previously, we discussed the behavioral characteristics that are expected from leaders in the 21st Century. Leadership strategic planning in a company or organization involves setting goals, determining actions to achieve the goals, and mobilizing resources to execute those actions.

19 July 2014 By In My blog

We enjoyed when the Smartphone appeared in our lives, although we still have some challenges with "touch" functions. From the common phones to tablets, information started to be delivered in real time wherever we are, and at any time of day or night.

Carried with us, and stored in several chips, we have our whole personal information including friends and email accounts. Now, we have even larger data warehouses in the Cloud. eLearning is also known as distance learning because it is outside of the classroom. When the device becomes mobile, whether it is PDA, Netbook, Notebook, Tablet, MP3 player, eBook Reader or Smartphone, we start to see and experience those differences on mLearning because of the way the information is delivered. We will leave the notebook, because this mobile device is a bridge between the Desktop eLearning and mobile learning.

18 July 2014 By In My blog

Strategic planning is a process companies go through usually once a year and the plan is reviewed at least once every quarter. This process has inputs such as:

• Company mission

• Previous Strategic Plan and Key Performance Indices (KPI) results

• Market forecast

• Existing technology and skills

• Capacity constraints: human resources, equipment, financial resources

08 July 2014 By In My blog

Human connectivity through entropic processes refers to the existence of a consciousness state. The latest studies performed by using more capable equipment can detect the entropic processes at brain level. Still, there is more to be discovered before we will completely understand all the complex cognitive processes.

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