BITSPEC is an International Accredited Training Organization that offers value to clients with an intensive focus on three mainstream business areas as eLearning Lean Six Sigma, Quality Management System and Quality Inspection.


Highlights of BITSPEC's features in Lean Six Sigma IT Development and Accessibility: Learning Management System on joomla software platform.


E-Learning 2.0 came as result of the emergence of Web 2.0. The conventional eLearning system was delivered to students by using instructional packets and assignments that were then evaluated by teachers/professors.

We provide all certifications online, learn at your speed anywhere and anytime you want. We are here to support your learning experience.

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We cover from technology, financial to non-profit, educational and government institutions. Our experience working with clients across industry all over the world gives us the chance to optimize your solutions.


BITSPEC provides instructional design services for training purposes. We will work with your organization to develop the training material that meets the quality requirements. BITSPEC uses Articulate 09 and Learning Management Systems on joomla platform. Our team of specialists in media, art and photography will make your course unique.

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Our Video Presentation.
Start your coding career and build things we are all proud of.


Mitch Grossu

Mitch Grossu

CEO and Founder

Dorina Grossu

Dorina Grossu

Knowledge Leader

Cornelio Abellanas

Cornelio Abellanas

Lean Six Sigma Consultant

Vittorio Palladino

Vittorio Palladino

CTO and Business Development

Click on the button below to access to an example eLearning course developed to demonstrate our eLearning in action.

BITSPEC delivers




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