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With an infinite amount of knowledge that is still to be discovered, we shall all know that each living being is connected through cells that have memories. This transfer of information is on the basis of a collaboration/transfer system that exists in nature.

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Mitchell B. Liester,
Personality changes following heart transplantation: The role of cellular memory,
Medical Hypotheses,
Volume 135,
ISSN 0306-9877,
Abstract: Personality changes following heart transplantation, which have been reported for decades, include accounts of recipients acquiring the personality characteristics of their donor. Four categories of personality changes are discussed in this article: (1) changes in preferences, (2) alterations in emotions/temperament, (3) modifications of identity, and (4) memories from the donor’s life. The acquisition of donor personality characteristics by recipients following heart transplantation is hypothesized to occur via the transfer of cellular memory, and four types of cellular memory are presented: (1) epigenetic memory, (2) DNA memory, (3) RNA memory, and (4) protein memory. Other possibilities, such as the transfer of memory via intracardiac neurological memory and energetic memory, are discussed as well. Implications for the future of heart transplantation are explored including the importance of reexamining our current definition of death, studying how the transfer of memories might affect the integration of a donated heart, determining whether memories can be transferred via the transplantation of other organs, and investigating which types of information can be transferred via heart transplantation. Further research is recommended.


If the #dietaryrules would have been respected, this #pandemic would not have existed. In an #orderly #biological #system designed by the #natural system, the answers are easy to find.

#Organizations overloading their #employees with a large amount of work such that there is evidence that nobody will be working without #stress; the #health of the employees shall be the #priority #number 1 of each of the employers. It is their duty because otherwise a different system can be easily implemented.

Prediction models are often based on first principles approaches, which can be very time-consuming or even impossible inpractice. Furthermore, if the underlying process or environmental conditions change, a once good model can degrade and thus
needs to be adapted. An alternative to first-principles approaches is to derive prediction models directly from measured data.

Maiworm M., D. Limon, and R. Findeisen (2020), Online learning-based Model Predictive Control with Gaussian Process Models and Stability Guarantees, International Journal of Robust and Nonlinear Control,2020;00:1–6.


#eliminating the #rootcauses shall be the main #focus rather than those alternatives that are leading to major #biological #changes and more #uncertainties

#students are asked to provide feedback instead of using #technologies and #machine learning to get directly the #feedback! It does cost more to have an appropriate level of #quality but then quality is more expensive! Happy Valentine day - feeling love

This article has been published by Blockchain Research Institute!

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#balance involves opening #socialmedia , #transparency and #communication through #technology

#Transparent #processes provide assurance of a #qualitysystem that ensures that the continuous improvements and measures are being taken within an appropriate timeline. #poverty vs. #overabundance

#socialengagement involves #sharing information but that seems to be rather changed even more since #technologies became available. Some have the belief that data can be used in #malicious ways; what do you think?

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#groupcollaboration in learning has always been seen as the most difficult to be achieved due to failure to produce the results as they intended; even further the collaboration using the technologies tools require that students move above the #localized areas in which most live #culture #beliefs #regulatoryprocesses

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We all know that there are systems that are stable so we can only express one system relative to other(s)..theories of probabilities are the most important theories that we can draw as scientists

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