eLearning is offered to accommodate the three distinct learning styles of auditory learners, visual 

learners and kinesthetic learners. We also help the nature by reducing publishing and distribution costs. 

BITSPEC  offers  individualized instructions based on client’s preferences if there are enough participants 

to solicit the development. 

Students, participants can learn at their own speed. BITSPEC offers 1 year of uninterrupted access to the 

courses. After 1 year, the participants will request the access from Administration. 

Collaborative Learning

Human interaction is vital for learning therefore the eLearning Management System will allow the 

interaction with trainers and students. Above all, our web site is designed as an elearning environment 

therefore you can easily access the message board, Forum, Social etc.

Participant/Student advantages:

Lower costs for learning

Increased retention

Consistent delivery

Expert knowledge

Proof of completion and certification




Consistent updates of training materials