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#hongkongrobots visit our website at an increased frequency

How organizations monetize on the media and information literacy? While the purpose is to engage, communicate, collaborate etc. how is the outcome measured at an individual/org. level? #MIL #monetize #infrastructure

There is more evidence than ever before between the large differences and gaps that continue to exist between immigrants vs non-immigrants #hypothesis #statistics #consciouness

Dorina Grossu 6 days ago This poll is ended Apr 12 2021 at 12:45 AM

Select multiple options that represent what you think that companies value today


#education has been used as a #tool to control the #future of many people; knowing that through biology and chemistry, the changes are possible, it became in fact the method to constrict freedom; countries used it at its full extend, therefore, education has to be removed from the political control and become independent with its own laws, processes- that would imply universal education system

I used Autodesk SketchBook which is a free software - feeling happy

I used Autodesk SketchBook which is a free software

Design's imperfection is an expression of thinking that values power while expressing it through money (wealth). A culture that creates different levels (see current vaccines issues) is not inclusive enough, therefore, does not meet the international quality standards.

While #poverty levels continue their growth, there is no country that changed its #constitution to ensure that no person is poor #nopoverty…

Dorina Grossu 1.1 By 2030, eradicate extreme poverty for all people everywhere, currently measured as people living on less than $1.25 a day. Note that in some... Show more 2 weeks ago
Dorina Grossu In richer countries there are many people living in poverty but that seems to be less of the important tasks for #politicians... Show more Loading content, please wait. 2 weeks ago

#marginalization exists in #multicultural societies while many people are exposed on a regular basis to such #behaviors; #politicians who are not aware of their own supporters are the most exposed to lose #international confidence

The competition is rather between those #schoolsofminds that can #see beyond the obvious and temporary conditions.

"An Adaptation mindset sees adaptation in performance (behavior). While people with an Adaptation mindset typically focus on learning adaptive strategies, problems can arise when people with Adaptation mindsets express little tolerance toward people who engage diversity from other developmental orientations.#workplace...

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Speeding the decisions at Gov.'s levels implies #inclusion #jobs

Dorina Grossu created a new topic ' eLearning is here to stay' in the forum. 4 weeks ago


Since we have the knowledge why then the actions are not taken?
In my life as an academic, I have developed a great respect for the ideas of the Nobel Prize winning economist Amartya Sen. One of Professor
Sen's more influential books is called "Development as Freedom," and I
believe he used the word "development" in two ways: to refer to economic
growth and prosperity, but also to refer to personal growth and
well-being.We "develop" as individuals and citizens when we have the freedom to choose the life we value.


Dorina Grossu created a new topic ' A Learning Nation' in the forum. 1 month ago

Canada is faced with an urgent economic and social imperative to take action. To drive strong national, regional and local economies that
underpin prosperous communities and a high quality of life in Canada,
we need to be agile, innovative and forward leaning. Change is now,
change will continue. Equipping Canadians with skills for the future
will ensure everyone can contribute and benefit.
We are all in this together. We can each do our part and take on the compelling challenge to make Canada a learning nation.


System change requires that all of its dimensions become transparent #opensystems

A #system built on #separation will have #rich and #poor while a system build on #unity will have #qualityoflife

#students like #h5p



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