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What would be the main elements of an Universal Quality System?

4 years 10 months ago - 4 years 10 months ago #591 by Dorina Grossu
It would be interesting to know if we as people can ever establish an Universal Quality System. What would be its main elements?


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A: Initially, the system comes into existence out of necessity caused by globalization. So element number one

* To grasp the necessity for a Universal Quality System from the same point of view, is the basis to begin working on the agreement.

So far, at work to develop such a point of view, there is the UN, World Trade Organization, World Health Organization, the EU, the Inter-Parliamentary Union, the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation, along with many others that I can't think of or do not know of and all the groups of the various activities needed to keep up and to improve the quality of life.

The key for a Universal Quality System begins by defining and determining the spectrum and the range of quality of life.

For a system to work, there has to be a bottom that cannot be allowed to get any lower and a top that cannot be allowed to go any higher. This means economic stablelization in order to maintain economic growth out of conflict's reach, which brings me to the second element:

* To cultivate the synchronicity of self-control with self-employment, thereby generating the synergy of decision making between all authorities and governing bodies along with individuals, families and communities needs.

When the quality of life does not get cheated, then we can think in terms of a Universal Quality System.

Does this fit as a contribution toward a Universal Quality System?

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4 years 10 months ago #592 by Dorina Grossu
Hi Benoit, please clarify that agreement does imply "partnership" where people pay more for services that bring no value.
All the above organizations seemed to lose aim in delivering value to societies. If their jobs would have been done, we would not have large masses of unemployed people, wars, people living in camps, etc. This is not caused by lack of money, but rather by sloppiness and lack of control.
You are right, if we are to start with anything, we need to establish one or two organizations in the world that will be responsible for the Universal Quality System.
Then something else, if we assume that our planetary system is perfectly positioned within the Universe, and we as people are more or less an outcome of this Universe in which we live, we need to be aligned and support its future by supporting each other first.
An insignificant example; I went to Civic Hall (Town Hall) where I saw cleanness and organization, and then I looked at the results of the people whom they hired just to see sloppiness and lack of quality. Where and how this negative transformation is taking place? It will not matter how many organizations will be if the main points will not clearly understood from the beginning.

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4 years 10 months ago #593 by Dorina Grossu
Yes Dorina, agreement means partnership.

I agree with your assessment of those organisations and their lack of success so far. I mentioned these organisations demonstrate how they have yet to arrive at the point of view by which to grasp the necessity for a Universal Quality System (UQS).

When you mention sloppiness and lack of control, I would also add the wrong kinds of control and authorities that suck up all positive energies and replace it with oppression and slavery, instead of supporting each other, as you well point out.

The two organisations that I could see coming together to engage into the research and development of UQS are the UN and IPU. Their association has begun since 1996 and it is scheduled to rev up considerably in the near future. I do not know if UQS has come up yet but it will have to if we're gonna put an end to the commercial war that we are in now.

When you ask: "Where and how this negative transformation is taking place?" I would point to the French legal approach versus the British one. In French, one is guilty until proven to be innocent whereas in English, one is innocent until proven guilty.

Up, beyond and in between the French and English legal differences, there is justice, which is the platform to view the necessity of UQS from.

The coming together of UQS as a liberating tool depends on the law of unity the defeats the law of divisions and so again, the missing piece of the puzzle becomes The Ministry of Truth and Reconciliation.

Here's a link to the latest report between the UN and IPU:

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4 years 10 months ago #594 by Dorina Grossu
Hi Benoit, thank you for sharing, but where are the steps that both UN and IPU will take.
I read about the shortfalls, lack of interests, struggles for power in different countries etc. What are they going to do about these issues?
Let's take one example; there are about 800K people who use food banks in Canada; maybe the number is even larger. How is this issue going to be solved?
Food banks were temporary endeavors for people who had low incomes. If Canada as one of the richest countries has so many people living on food banks, we can only imagine how people live in countries where there are no food banks or where there is no food at all. It just seems that nothing really moves in any direction. If people need food and shelter, why banks don't give them from their profit food and shelter?
Wouldn't that be the shortest path and also an opportunity to check what happens to people who are left without jobs?
Since Governments can't really create jobs unless there are in Gov. while we all have been asking to reduce their sizes and numbers etc., what are corporations proposing for the future? How are they getting engaged to move things forward?

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4 years 10 months ago - 4 years 10 months ago #595 by Dorina Grossu
You're welcome Dorina and thanks for putting up with my inputs.

The questions you raise in this last entry seem to point out to the tensions of stress, adversity and conflict that exists between citizenship and corporate loyalty.

In Canada, the food banks are an opportunity that ought to be used along with Habitat for Humanity as the core engine of the willingness needed to generate and to assemble the self-sufficient, volunteer economy of Canadians, under the umbrella of the Crown, apart from any corporate control, until the Canadian model is completed.

Let the corporate world have their economy of unsustainable constant growth and let the citizenship move toward the freedom from the corporate manipulations that keep us divided and soon, conquered into a whole new ball game, unless we wake on time to set the citizens free from the corporate tyranny of commercial wars.

Somehow, solving the local mess between citizenship and corporate loyalty is where the global solutions can come to life and this is how I see the UN and IPU moving forward with the comprehensive Canadian's renewal movement needed to weave justice in the peace from personal joy to local sufficiency to global care of each other.

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4 years 10 months ago #596 by Dorina Grossu
Dear Benoit, don't we create at least 2 Tier solutions in this case? I like corporations that are organized, have a systematic approach to solving issues and engage people to know, develop, make progress in technology, research etc.
We miss a lot in companies, but one main issue is that the profit should be fairly divided to other organizations. The fact that Gov. is paid through taxes does not help much since if we consider many other Gov. their taxes are spent on maintaining conflicts and wars, inefficiencies etc.
As an example, eLearning should be available and implemented in all schools, Univ., colleges etc. What we see is a debate over why and how it can be done. Univ., colleges and schools should be the ones to look first into innovation rather than being "pushed" to implement it. If technological companies would take under their "umbrella" the development of these programs, we would see faster results.
Also, corporations are paying their taxes to Gov to support their policies therefore it does not help when they are separated from the world.
How can this process be implemented?

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